A technology for improving connectivity

As with the several technologies developed to facilitate access to wifi connection, the IEEE 802.11ax standard is an improvement of the 802.11ac standard. Also known as High-Efficiency Wireless (HEV), its primary role is to boost the wifi network among users. Today, many administrations, companies and ultra-modern infrastructures are equipped with this new technology.

In addition, apart from its main role, it offers other advantages, including the following:
• Provide high data rates with more consistency in standard Wi-Fi environments (WI-Fi ax speeds can reach more than 4 times that of standard wifi in the same 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands).
• Focus on key performance criteria that improve the quality of the experience (QoE); it therefore offers 03 technical aspects borrowed from the 4G/LTE operating mode, including:
– OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency-division multiple access) which is a multiplexing technique for flows.
– MU-MIMO (Multiple User Multiple Input Multiple Output) increases the number of users connected simultaneously from 4 to 8.
– The Uplink resource scheduler allocates each resource for each user according to each priority.
– The new Target Wakeup Time (TWT), puts unsolicited Wi-Fi equipment directly into standby mode, thus reducing interference.
Note that the ax 802.11 technology begins to be object of seduction for Africa in recent years, its use is common in the public and private administrations, or even with citizens etc…
Today with the development of this, some African Telecommunications Regulatory bodies already approved its use in their respective countries including Benin, Côte d›Ivoire, and Egypt yet, it is not allows in some countries as Namibia , Kenya ect…
Thus to enable companies good management and approval of the standard 11 .802 ax, we have helped some get their type approval in the aforementioned countries.
We can say that the doors of African borders begin to open to accommodate this technology , At the same time it is an invitation to all international stakeholders (importers, manufacturers, vendors, consultant to import their equipment using the standard 11 .802 ax in Africa without difficulties .

our team will be available to help you approved these equipment.
Besides, without the advantages of this technology being exhaustive, 802.11ax Wi-Fi is beneficial for the telecommunications sector. Remember that wifi equipment have to be approved. Please, contact us for the approval of your equipment

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