ARPCE recently published a list of postal equipment for approval in the country within the framework of a Decree

The relevant Decree is referenced No. 18-334 of 14 Rabie Ethani 1440 of December 22 ,2018 on postal equipment to be approved.
The following equipment is subject to approval: postage meters; postage stamp cancelling machines; stamping equipment; automatic sorting machines; postage stamp vending machines; sorting tables and post office boxes; money order and mail time stamping machines; mechanical and electronic sorting platforms; inserters and sealers for letters, documents and catalogues; post office boxes installed in post offices; mailboxes installed on the public highway, on walls and/or mounted on columns; batteries of post office boxes installed inside post offices.
In addition, applicants must provide the following, but not limited to the below administrative paperwork:
• a copy of the trade register
• a copy of the tax identification card
The technical paperwork is made of the following:
• a certificate of origin of the equipment covered by the application for approval, in case of imported equipment;
• technical paperwork including, specifically, photographs of the equipment, the brand, the model, the serial number and country of manufacture;
• a sample of the relevant equipment, if possible. The sample must be returned to the applicant as soon as the tests are completed.
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